Volatility and complexity have fueled the high-risk stigma associated with commodity trading, scaring off hoards of people and driving them towards the seemingly safer stock markets. But all these risks fade away when you partner with a reputable online commodity trader like FVIS.

With FVIS by your side, you can take advantage of the recent rise in global interest in commodity trading and enjoy our professional and comprehensive commodity trading services and advice. 

What is Commodity Trading?

The commodity market comprises investing in commodities like diamonds, gold, copper and crude oil. The dynamics of commodity trading is affected by the demand and supply of each individual commodity within the international market. This type of trading usually offers spot and derivative markets.

Spot markets offer the immediate delivery of commodities through the buying and selling process, whereas the derivatives market trades financial instruments based on commodities.

Benefits of Investing in Commodity Market

Partnering with FVIS to create a thorough investment plan, centred around the commodity market, benefits the investor as follows:

  • Spreading your assets into various classes is the ideal method to diversify your investment portfolio. By including commodity trading, you improve your risk-adjusted profits.

  • Commodity trading provides a more stable investment platform that remains unaffected by inflation. When the price of stocks and bonds fall with a rise of inflation, commodities like gold and copper maintain both their value and their price.

  • Because of the high liquidity of the commodity market, investors enjoy incredible flexibility in liquidating commodities whenever they so require.

  • The value of commodities rises in response to event risks such as natural disasters, economic crises and wars. Buying commodities in advance acts as a hedge investment to minimize the overall risk of your investment portfolio.

  • Because of the inherent volatility of the commodity market, it offers much higher return rates when compared to other asset classes. With FVIS’ expertise, we wade through the many trading options to unlock and provide only the best opportunities for each individual asset-class client.


With over 30 years across the entire financial industry, our team are experts at providing bespoke, highly-profitable procurement solutions that adhere to all statutory laws of every jurisdiction.

Our three pillars of strength have ensured a firm foothold in the online trading market:

  • Protecting our clients' assets and reaching all their objectives

  • Up to date expert advisory service covering all major trading instruments

  • In-depth knowledge spanning all commodities within the online trading market

We specialize in the import/export of diamonds, gold and petroleum products but can provide assistance on any commodity you desire.

Because we heavily invest in the technology and infrastructure of our online trading platform, you enjoy an ultra-smooth trading experience.

By Associating with FVIS, you benifit from:

  • An online trading account with life time access and little to no maintenances fees.

  • Easy to use trading platform with the user-friendly interface to access all your trading facilities in one secure place.

  • Fully responsive online trading platform accessibble via smartphone or computer.

  • Up to date commodity trading information: tips, advice, research, charts and quotes.

  • A comprehensive summary that contains commodity market insights-compiled by your dedicated and professional relationship manager

  • Tips offs with insight into future markets that enable you to purchase\sell the best physical commodities at the right time

  • Our online platform offers real-time rates of all your commodities-plus notifications of essential updates-24/7.

  • All data and transactions are fully secure and encryted to provide absolute confidentiality

  • Solid risk management systems are built in feature.

  • Cost-effective and extremely competitive broker rates to suit your specific need

  • Customer support staff available 24/7

With our complete and comprehensive offering, you’re sure to reap amazing benefits and huge profits from commodity trading.


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